Travel Tales: Boy Bar

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Amsterdam-VondelparkNetherlandsThis episode is part of a series of Travel Tales, about Jason’s backpacking trip across Europe in 1995.

Boy Bar

There are many good reasons to go to Amsterdam. There’s history (e.g. Anne Frank’s house), the cultural events (e.g. Gay Pride, King’s Day/Night, the fucking tulip festival), the museums (e.g. Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh), the nightlife (e.g Melkweg), the parks (e.g. Vondelpark, as seen in the photo at the top), tours of the Heineken brewery, and opportunities to spend way too much on mass-produced pseudo-Delft-porcelain tourist souvenirs.

But let’s be honest: another reason to go Amsterdam is to do the kinds of things you can’t do back home, where they’re totally illegal. Some of them might not exactly be legal in Amsterdam either, but you know you can get away with them. And what happens in Amsterdam… stays in Amsterdam, at least that’s what I told myself.

Take drugs, for example. I did. *rimshot* Every night, for the week I was there, I got stoned. And some of the days. I’d learned enough from my experience in Copenhagen not to go overboard, and I stayed sane-and-sober enough that I wouldn’t look back on Amsterdam as a hazy lost week that I couldn’t remember. But yeah: I smoked a lot of really strong weed.

Amsterdam-pornstandAnd pornography. Not that porn is illegal or all that hard to find in America, but especially back in 1995, gay porn magazines were still just one little rack at the adult bookstore, always the same half-dozen titles. In Amsterdam you could buy porn of all kinds from shops in regular retail areas. They had stuff on display in the windows that I would’ve been afraid to hide under my bed back home. I bought some photo magazines – the kind without disclaimers that “all models over 18″ – that I knew I’d have to throw away before leaving the country and going thru customs… just for the thrill of doing it. (OK, And for the thrill of looking at them. I was only 20 at the time, which I think makes it a bit less creepy.)

And then there’s prostitution.

The boy I’d half-accidentally picked up on the street in Brussels kinda freaked me out at the time, but it also strengthened my resolve to go thru with it in Amsterdam, and hire a rent boy when I got there. I figured there it would be more legit, and I could be reasonably sure I wasn’t just, y’know… fucking a homeless kid who didn’t have much choice or legal consent in the matter.

The city’s red light district was legendary, with licensed female prostitutes sitting in windows to attract customers. Male prostitutes weren’t exactly legal, and not quite so overt in their marketing. But it wasn’t difficult to find out about the club “Why Not” / “Blue Boy”, which offered more than just drinks and nude dancing boys among their services. (I never figured out why it had two names… I’m guessing it was to keep the illicit part of the business legally separate from the mundane part.)

Located on a busy street near the train station, it wasn’t difficult to find. So with a thick wad of Dutch guilders in one pocket, and a thick stiffy in the other, I went inside. The inside was a lot like some of the other gay clubs in town, with a bar, music playing, a stripper on stage, and a crowd of men. I sat down and ordered a drink.

As the bartender poured my drink, he explained in English to the obvious tourist about the services available. There were a variety of special options like an S-M play room (for an extra fee), but what it boiled down to was simple: for so-many guilders, you got an hour with the boy of your choice, in a private, well-equipped room. And if the dancer on stage was any indication, the boys were also well-equipped. While I wouldn’t testify to the legal status of any of them, this wasn’t any kind of child-trafficking outfit… these “boys” were all men, or close enough.

I took my time taking it all in, looking over the young men who mixed with the crowd, flirting with the customers. The “boy of your choice” part was a little daunting, because they were all pretty fucking hot. Hell, there were even some customers I would’ve been willing to pay to spend an hour with.

“Tough choice?”

I turned to find a cute blond sitting next to me at the bar. “You really can’t go wrong, you know. I know these guys, and they’re all great.” The boy gestured at an Arabic-looking young man intently playing video games while three middle-aged men watched. “Omar over there is a lot of fun; he’s just playing hard to get right now.” Pointing at a tall but lanky teenager, “Piet’s fairly new here, but he just loves to be fucked. Or there’s… well, it looks like Michel is going to be busy for a while.” I followed Jan’s gaze and saw a pretty teenaged boy with an oh-so-fuckable mouth leading a middle-aged man out of the bar and up the stairs.

“Of course no one would treat you better than I would,” grinned the boy, his blue eyes sparkling mischievously. “My name’s Jan.” (That “J” is pronounced like a “Y”, by the way.)

I introduced myself in return, and started looking over my new “friend”. He had sandy blond hair just like one would expect a native Dutch boy to have. A diamond sparkled on one earlobe, a gold hoop on the other. His tight tank-top and short shorts left little to the imagination. And he had a teasing grin that nearly shouted “fuck me”.

His hand had settled on my thigh, and was slowly working its way toward my groin, where an uncomfortable lump was growing. I looked down at the hand, glanced meaningfully at the lump, then met Jan’s eyes with my own. He raised an eyebrow, posing the question. I emptied my nearly-full glass of beer, and nodded.

Jan got up and led the way upstairs. “You want the S-M room? It’s lots of fun…?” I smiled and shook my head. I mean… sure, I wanted it. But that was more than I was ready for, all in one night. And it cost extra: I was on a budget.

“That’s cool,” continued Jan, “Maybe next time. We can have some real fun in here tonight.” We stepped into a room, and Jan closed the door behind us. “Well-equipped” indeed. Not just a bed, but a tub (large enough for two) with a shower, a TV with porn videos playing, music, moody lighting, and mirrors strategically placed on the ceiling and walls.

20BoyBar_001Jan slipped out of his tank top and shorts, leaving just a fuck-me-red thong. He had the proverbial body-to-die-for: muscular and well-defined without being bulky and muscle-bound… flexible to be sure.

In addition to his earrings, he had a nipple barbell on one tit, and a pink-triangle tattoo beneath his navel pointed seductively down toward his cock, a choice that left an indelible impression on me… I eventually got a matching tat on my lower back, pointing the way to my ass.

“So, what do you want to do?” he asked, playfully. I was caught off-guard a little by the directness of the question. I was more used to that being something you just kinda figured out thru quiet mumbling and consensus in the dark. But in this context, it was entirely up to me to me: within some pretty wide boundaries, whatever I wanted… we’d be doing.

My id didn’t know what to do with that.

Fortunately, Jan had seen this before, and rather than standing there, impatiently waiting to for me to figure out what I wanted done with my assorted fun bits, he picked up the ball (so to speak). “Let’s get you undressed while you decide.”

He slowly slipped my t-shirt off, caressing my torso as he slid it upward, playfully nudging my nipples as he passed them. When the shirt was covering my face like a blindfold, he left it there, and slid each of my arms out of the sleeves, before finishing the job and letting me see again. Turning his attention to my jeans, he stroked my hard cock thru them for nearly a minute before finally unbuttoning my fly. I squirmed as he slid both my pants and my briefs down, freeing my cock to bob in the air.

He slid out of his thong, revealing a beautiful uncut cock. It wasn’t going to win any size awards, but that just added to its attractiveness as part of a well-constructed package. His crotch was meticulously shaved, without even a hint of 5-o’clock shadow.

He led me to the huge, freshly-made bed, and sat down. I stepped closer, putting my cock in front of his face. He of course knew what that meant, and began to lick my head. After a minute or so, he wrapped his lips around it, continuing to probe it with his tongue. I looked down at the boy sucking my cock, and started to fuck his pretty face. Within a few minutes, I was almost ready to blow. Jan pulled free and teased, “Slow down, cowboy… we’ve got a whole hour here!”

Leaning back and cocking his head to the side impishly, he asked, “Do you like to fuck?”

“Duh!” I responded articulately.

“Wanna fuck me?

I nodded eloquently. Before I knew it, he’d pulled a big dispenser of lube and a condom from a handy drawer. He gave my cock a light coating of the slippery stuff, then unwrapped the condom and placed it in his mouth. In a trick I’d heard of, but never seen before, he kneeled and unrolled the condom down onto my cock with his lips. He had to cheat a little and use his hands to get the last inch unrolled, but with my rubbered cock in his mouth, he proceed to suck, and bite down just a little, drawing a whimpered groan from me.

Still kneeling, he then lubed my packaged cock up nice and heavy with one hand, while sliming up his own ass with the other. “You want me on my back, or my front?” he asked.

“I like both…”

“But which do you want… this time?”

I generally like fucking face to face, even with guys. You can talk if you want, he can see you, and even jack off if he wants. It’s more personal. I heard myself answer, “I want to fuck you from behind.”

“OK, let’s do it!” Jan lay on the bed, his ass and legs sticking off the edge for me. I guided my dick to the glistening asshole and eased it in. Jan loosened enough to let it in easily, then gripped it tightly. I groaned, and began to slide in and out. Jan’s ass was warm and silky smooth, squeezing tightly and relaxing in perfect rhythm to my thrusts.

I gazed down at the beautiful boy beneath me. I looked over at the mirror on the wall, and was turned on even more by the sight of myself fucking this guy. “I wish I had a camera….” I found myself thinking. I looked back down at Jan, who turned and looked back at me, biting his lip. He whispered “Oh, yeah… ride me, cowboy… fuck me.” I’d fucked a guy like this before, but this was more intense, more incredibly exciting. For the next hour, this boy was going to be mine, and the wrongness of that gave me a rush.

“Harder, cowboy, fuck me harder!” I was more than happy to do as I was asked. In fact, I could’ve hardly stopped from doing it if I had to. I shoved my cock harder and harder into the boy’s ass, so hard he nudged up the bed with each thrust. “Oh, fuck!” gasped Jan, “Fuck me, cowboy! Fuck me, Jason!”


I was again close to shooting my load, but I was starting to get control of myself, and control of the situation. This was possibly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I wasn’t going to blow it (so to speak). I slowed down and eased off, allowing myself to calm back down a little. I leaned closer and kissed his back, then ran my tongue outward across one shoulder then the other. “Oh, that’s nice,” he moaned, and my cock hardened further as I sensed that he meant it.

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” I sighed. I glanced again at our reflection in the mirror, and looked into my own eyes. And I was so fucking pleased with myself. There I was, fucking like a porn star. I looked at Jan in the mirror, and from this angle I could see he wasn’t just going thru the motions for a paycheck, he was really enjoying me. This was a guy who probably got fucked every night, by more men than I could imagine, but right then he was getting it from me… and liking it!

Myself and I briefly made eye contact, and nodded at each other. I fixed my gaze on Jan – the boy I was inside, not the one my twin in the mirror was fucking – and cut the lines to the brakes. I pushed as deep into him as I could. “Neuk mijn hol!” he grunted. I figured it out from context, and fucked his ass harder. “Ja!… yes!”

At that point there was nothing else in my world but my cock, the ass I was fucking, and the beautiful body it was a part of. I plunged into it, each time wondering if I would come back up. Each thrust was better than the one before, and with each one I marveled that I hadn’t cum yet. I gasped. I was in orgasm. But I still wasn’t shooting. I grunted. “Ohfuck!” I whimpered.

And finally it welled up from inside me. My hot juices gushed, filling with a few pumps the latex sheath that gripped my cock. “Fuck yes!” grunted Jan, and my sixth contraction became stronger than the third. I glanced over to the mirror, and Jan was looking back, smiling proudly. Seven, eight, nine. I started to catch my breath. My cock kept twitching.

Finally drained, I pulled out. Jan quickly reached for me and slipped the condom off, even before I started to sag, expertly preventing a spill. “Did you have fun?” he asked.

Fuck yeah!” I assured him.

“So did I!” he answered, and he seemed to really mean it. His perfect cock stood at attention, as if to confirm his review. A drop of pre-cum glistened at the end of it. And at that point I knew what I wanted next.

Wrap that up and fuck me!” I pointed at his erection. He cocked his eyebrow with a little surprise, and smiled. “You bet!”

Another condom and the lube dispenser appeared in the blink of an eye. “I like it this way,” he stage-whispered, guiding me onto my back, and lubing my ass. I didn’t argue. I was looking forward to the view.

After slathering his vulcanized cock with plenty of lube, he nudged it against my asshole. I took a deep breath. He pressed, gently at first, then a little more firmly, as I relaxed to let him inside. “Do it!” I whispered.

“Yes?” he confirmed? His cock seemed to have grown since we started. Mine was still hard, but seeing them together, his now seemed clearly larger.

Do it!” I grunted.

With one slow motion that seemed to take a whole minute, he slid inside me. All the way. My balls touched his triangle tattoo, and his balls bumped my ass. For what seemed like two minutes, he held this position, as I attempted to breathe.


“OK?” he checked.

“Do it! Fuck me!

A moment later, he pulled out. All the way out. Then back into me, this time in just half a second. I squealed briefly.

“Keep… going…” I managed.

Again he pulled out, then immediately pressed back into me.

“Yeah!” I confirmed. “Like that!”

“You want it rough?”

“Just like that!” I answered. I kind wanted it rough, but didn’t want to agree to… I didn’t know what. “Fuck me hard… like that!”

He slammed my ass again, a little harder, I thought. “Yes!”

With my boundaries established, he stopped asking, and proceeded to fuck me forcefully, growling and snarling a little as he went. Despite just blowing my wad, my cock stayed mostly hard, bouncing a little with each thrust.

Jan’s breathing became a little raspy, and he leaned closer to whisper. “You want me to finish… on you… or….”

“Yes!” I begged. I wanted him to cum. I wanted so badly for him to cum. Not realizing he was offering me a couple choices, I just confirmed the first one. “Cum for me!”

For half a minute he continued pounding my ass. He got rougher, and I got harder. Then, as he started to gasp, he pulled out, ripped off the condom and launched a huge glob of jizz into the air, which then landed in hot puddle on my chest. As he moaned quietly, another stream reached upward then fell onto my torso. He spasmed again, then opened his eyes to look down at me. I grinned, appreciatively, holding his gaze while he convulsed a couple more times. He smiled, then began to breathe deeply, as his balls squeezed out a few more drops that dribbled down his cock.

He leaned forward and gave me a sloppy lingering french kiss. “You liked it?”

“Fucking yes I liked it!”

“I’m glad,” he answered, and I had no doubt that he did.

As I started to get up, Jan suggested a shower. He led me over to the large tiled semi-enclosed shower in the corner of the room, as I grinned, pleased with how I’d just spent my money.

Jan stepped into the tub and turned on the water, and I stepped into it with him. He reached for an industrial-size dispenser of bath gel and began to coat his body with it, encouraging me to help him spread it around. Then he filled his hands again with gel and turned around to do the same to me.

I enjoyed this “afterglow”, with each of us exploring and stroking each other’s bodies, as we washed off the sweat. But Jan kept giving extra attention to my cock, and sure enough it began to swell again.

“That’s nice,” he whispered, and began to massage it to full erection.


“You don’t…” I started, as he dropped to his knees, gave my cock a vigorous water-splashed rub to get the soap off, then wrapped his mouth around it. I dropped my protests.

I braced myself against the walls of the shower, and let the water pour over us as he sucked me. “Oh, that’s great!” I moaned.

At one point my cock briefly started to soften, but Jan started to play with my balls, and I got harder than before. Soon it became clear that this wasn’t going to be just a bit of after-sex play. This was Round Two.

In the back of my head I knew there wasn’t much time left in my hour. And I was so turned on by all of it that I knew that this wasn’t going to be an exercise in endurance. This was going to be quick, or it wasn’t going to happen at all. I realized that my eyes were closed, and opened them. There he was: my buff Dutch boy, sucking me on his knees. As I ramped up again to orgasm, my foot slipped, and Jan grabbed my leg, steadying me.

By this time he wasn’t just playing with my balls, but gripping them in his hand, tugging gently on them. “Harder,” I mumbled, and he squeezed, yanking down on them. This pushed me to the edge, and my aching balls tugged back, priming for action. He took my cock all the way into his mouth and held it there, squeezing my balls again as I squeezed out another load into his throat.

When I’d finished, Jan stood and smiled. I grinned weakly back, then locked him in a wet and sloppy kiss, licking as much of my jizz as I could from his mouth. He finished rinsing the soap off me, and rinsed himself too. Then with the water off, he handed me a plush cotton towel.

He glanced over at the clock, and we both saw that the hour was almost up. “You go ahead and get dressed, then go see Piet at the bar to pay. I’ll take care of fixing things up here. I hope you had fun!”

“Yeah… thanks!” I answered, awkwardly.

“My pleasure,” he answered, smiling sincerely. “Come again, OK?”

I returned to the bar, downed a quick drink, and paid. I had no idea whether I should “tip” or not, but it seemed like Jan had gone above and beyond a simple suck-and-fuck – how many clients could he possibly cum for? – so for lack of any other standard of reference, I added 20%. I went back to my hotel room, undressed and went to bed, and – as Jan had asked – with a little effort, I came again.