Furry Nite

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I’ve done JAQrabbit Tales dealing in some way with: consent and drugs/alcohol, child sexual abuse, religion, unplanned parenthood, accidental misgendering, body image, predatory relationships, shoplifting, police harassment, sex during quarantine, and featuring various kinds of BDSM, intergenerational sex, public nudity, sex work, voyeurism/exhibitionism, anonymous sex, sex with straight guys, open relationships, group sex, and even memories of alien abduction.

Time to take on that one last unforgivable taboo: furries and murrsuits.*

For fuck’s sake, it’s not as if I didn’t warn you with the title of the whole series, y’know? :)

I have a motto: I’ll try anything twice… the second time is to make sure I didn’t really like it the first time. And that’s all I’m saying… for now.

*Murrsuits are fursuits used for sex. Think “(growl)”+”fursuit”.