about the comix

JAQrabbit Tales is a bio-porno-graphic novel. It tells the life story of a bisexual dude named Jason A. Quest, thru a series of short tales (usually 1–20 pages of comix). Each tale can be read on its own, and they’re deliberately presented out of order. But taken together, they weave into a larger narrative.

The series should be read as fiction.

None of the Tales are entirely true, because even the most reality-based ones have important details (names, dates, places, appearances) changed to protect the privacy of the innocent… and the not-so-innocent. Some are based on real events, with dramatic license to make a better story (or at least a better sex scene). Some are more fantasy than fact.

No: I won’t say which are which. :)

Most of the Tales are sexually explicit, but they aren’t just about the sex. (Heck, some don’t even have any nudity.) However some of them involve themes that people may find disturbing, such a non-consensual sex, fetishes, and exploration of the wide variety of human sexuality. Jason has sex with guys. Jason has sex with girls. The Tales are not for children. They are not for immature adolescents. They are not for all adults.

The series is serialized here on this web site, with new material posted every Monday (since Labor Day 2014). They are not currently available in print.