about the creators


JAQrabbit Tales is written (and largely illustrated) by me: Jason A. Quest. The similar name may account for some of the things I have in common with the main character. :) In addition to my mundane full-time day job, I am a part-time heretic, and a part-time pornographer.

Here are a few highlights from my life as a queer cartoonist:

  • Several art pages from JAQrabbit Tales (some illustrated by Rick Worley, some by myself) were featured in the 2013 San Francisco art exhibit “Batman on Robin”, featuring explorations of the homoerotic subtext to the Dynamic Duo.
  • “Scout”, a Tale (illustrated by me) was included in Northwest Press’ 2013 anthology Anything That Loves: Comics Beyond “Gay” and “Straight”. This book was listed by the American Library Association as one of the 10 favorites on their annual list of recommended LGBT books (prose/comics/poetry) for adult audiences.
  • “Everybody’s Doin’ It”, a short story I illustrated (written by Dale Lazarov) was the featured comix story in Cleis Press’ Best Gay Erotica 2014, and is available to buy in DRM-free digital format.
  • I’ve illustrated a couple stories (one based on one of these Tales) for GrayHaven’s You Are Not Alone anti-bullying comics.
  • I contributed a short story called “Code 288″, contrasting police treatment of white/black/straight/gay people, to Rosarium Press’ Artists against Police Brutality.
  • My short story “AC/DC” about a bisexual teen superhero, was selected for Geeks Out’s first-ever anthology Power in 2015.
  • Two of my Tales (one illustrated by Tom Bouden, the other by me) were featured in issues of RFD (aka Radical Faerie Digest) in 2016.
  • I’m going to be a panelist at the second Queers & Comics conference, in San Francisco in April 2017.

Other things I’m particularly proud of (even if no one else thinks I should be) include Neverpedia (the Peter Pan wiki), The Nude 52 (pin-ups of naked DC superheroes), and Captain Miracle (a satirical superhero powered by God).


I couldn’t hope to get this done without the help of others.  Most important is my friend (sometimes with benefits) and collaborator Zlatan Marić. Zee has illustrated a bunch of tales since he wandered into my clutches, and has become something of a junior partner in the Tales. Other artists who’ve chipped in one or more stories or pin-ups include Tom BoudenChoklit Daddy, DrubskinJ. Marshall Freeman, Marvin Mann , Tim Twelves, and Rick Worley.  There will be more.