It’s getting to be that time of the year, when the sweltering heat in some places can make it impossible to sleep, so I thought this would be an appropriate Tale to tell now. I haven’t had central air-conditioning since I moved out after high school, and I only invested in a small single-room window unit several years ago, for emergency use in the bedroom.

Instead, I learned to use the cool/hot daily cycle as much as possible, opening all the windows at night to let cool air in, then closing the house up during the day. For the worst nights of the summer, I just leave the doors wide open, for maximum ventilation. Even though I live in a “bad neighborhood”, I’m not paranoid enough to think that people are going to sneak in and steal stuff from me, or murder me in my sleep for no reason.

On the other hand, that does leave the door open for critters, and their keepers.

Our artist for this Tale is John Linton Roberson, who connoisseurs of fine smutty comics may know as the creator of Suzy Spreadwell and Vladrushka (pubished by Eros Comix). He’s done a great job of bringing this Tale to life, and is working on another that we may be seeing toward the end of the year, or early next… I don’t have things planned that far out.