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This piece is a little different, because it was done on commission. I do almost all of my art digitally these days, so I don’t sell original pieces of art the way a lot of artists do. But one of my readers had an idea of how he could find his way into the Tales in exchange for a little cash, and I thought it was a fun idea… so I did it!

Ultimately, I don’t see any difference between art for hire and sex for hire. I consider drawing porn a form of sex work, after all, not fundamentally different from performing in videos, on the phone, or in person. Sex for hire can sometimes get a bit dicey, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of (for either party), and can also be a lot of fun! Same with art.

If you’re also interested being a part of JAQrabbit Tales, let me know, and we can talk about how you might like to see that done, and the cost of “sponsoring” it. It could be a pin-up like this, a cameo in a story, or maybe you could even be the guest-star in a Tale!

I’m also happy to do commissioned art that doesn’t fit into the Tales, such as a special pin-up scene just for you to see, or to print and hang in your home… erotic fan art, you and your favorite superhero going at it, some other kind of fantasy/kink/fetish scene… pretty much anything goes. (There may be things I won’t draw, but there’s no harm in asking.) The cost will vary depending on how complicated it is, the style of art you want, etc. (But if it’s something I’d have a lot of fun with, I’ll probably do it for less money, so…) Like the dude up there says: “Glad… to help!”