Good Grief!

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I call myself as “cartoonist”, because that’s the standard term for someone who makes comics, especially one who both writes and draws them. But I’m really not a proper cartoonist… meaning someone who cartoons. That’s a whole talent of its own kind, and not something I can claim to be particularly good at. For this one, I just imitated one of the Masters: Sparky Schulz. The style… the performance… even the dialog is me mimicking his genius. When I first started hanging about with serious comics creators, I hesitated to cite “Peanuts” as something I loved, figuring it was too mainstream… too popular to be considered good. No, it was not. Sure, the syndicate relentlessly marketed the fuck out of it, but “Peanuts” really was that good… Sparky really was that good. His art was a perfect fit for what he was trying to say (even when his hand got shaky, late in life), and his writing was deceptively, simply transcendent.