As I explained last week, JAQrabbit Tales is taking a different format for a while. I’m running low on new comix to post, so I’m taking this opportunity to post a series of character sketches of the lovers and other folks you’ll encounter in the Tales, as well as illustrated Travel Tales about my trip to Europe in 1995, and the usual pin-ups. I hope this will keep weekly visitors entertained while we work on more comix.

Zlatan Marić is one of Jason’s housemates at the so-called Baxter Street Home for Wayward Boys in the 2010’s. Croatian-born, and quite a bit younger than Jason, he needed a place to stay and artistic coaching, so Jason took him in. The relationship became more than friendship but less than lovers, and Zee’s even-younger boyfriend Tyler joined them at the Baxter Street Home, making for an interesting household relationship. A substantial number of JAQrabbit Tales feature Zlatan as a character, and also some of them feature him as the artist.