Another comic by Zlatan Marić!

Yes, the title is an American Pie reference. I have a certain soft spot in my heart for Pie, because the screenwriter is a local boy, and its setting of “East Great Falls, Michigan” is based on our shared hometown of metro Grand Rapids. So I find the notion of a Grand Rapidian who writes a scandalously lewd quasi-autobiographical story, and has a big hit with it … pleasant to think about.

I never went to band camp, but in my tween and teen years I did spend a week each summer at church camps, one of which was on Lake Michigan. I learned a great many things on these weeks away from home, where kids from various schools gathered in one place, and because they outnumbered the adults, supervision was … irregular. Very little of what I learned at camp was about God, though some of it was like unto heaven. I would’ve lived a much more innocent and virtuous life if not for church camp, and for that I am grateful.

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