For the past several months, JAQrabbit Tales has been running in a special “Travel Tales” format, while I worked ahead on more comics. What I didn’t tell you when that started is that there would be a bit of a… change in the comics when they returned. Well, I’m ready to announce that bold new direction!

Frankly, as I get older, my interest in sex has declined. Not quickly or completely, but it just ain’t what it was when I couldn’t go a day without jacking off or going a week without doing it with someone. Admit it, dudes over 25: it happens to us all. But what doesn’t decline in comics fans entering middle age is their interest in superheroes! I mean, come on: there’s a reason that’s the dominant genre of the industry, right?

So I’m relaunching JAQrabbit Tales as a superhero series, re-imagining Jason as SuperJason. Beginning at midnight on Monday morning, the next weekly installment will be published as issue #1, telling the secret origin of the Queer Hero, and his precocious sidekick Zlatan the Boy Wonderful!

Or maybe not. ;)

We still have a whole lot of Europe left to cover, and a whole lot of European naughty bits left to uncover. JAQrabbit Tales will continue just as it is on Monday, with Jason’s visit to Paris!