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I’m not very good with names and faces. If I last saw you more than a few years ago, odds are I won’t remember your name when I need it. And even just faces I can have a difficult time placing. I can look at a person, and know that I used to know them, but have no idea what the context was: former co-worker, one-time trick, friend of a friend, classmate, etc. And sometimes it turns out that I don’t know them… they just remind me of someone I used to know.

I debated about telling this Tale before “Prom Queen”, the high-school era Tale that this one alludes to. After all, it contains certain “spoilers” for it. But one of the hallmarks of this series is the out-of-order storytelling, and I like to drop stories like this with… not “spoilers”, so much as “teasers”, of events that will be shown at a later date. “Prom Queen” isn’t on the calendar at this point – there are other Tales to be told too – but I promise it’ll be along before the series is finished.

This Tale again features art by Marvin Mann, who previously illustrated “Moving Day” and “Telling Tales“. It takes a certain talent to handle a talking-heads scene, and I knew he’d be up to it. His style of art also gave me a chance to stretch my legs a little with a different style of coloring.

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