Jason sketch, 42

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This is the last sketch of Jason (at least for now… I hope it isn’t the last), at age 42.

Twelve months ago, JAQrabbit Tales switched formats, rotating between character sketches like this one, story-based pin-ups from various periods, and Travel Tales recounting highlights of Jason’s trip to Europe when he was in college. I hope it’s been a fun change of pace, but like all things, it’s come to an end. The young man’s summer abroad is over, and I’ve sketched all of the major players in the saga.

Starting next week, JAQrabbit Tales returns to its original and ongoing format: comix, comix, and comix (and some pin-ups along the way)! The less labor-intensive format of the past year has allowed me to work ahead a bit, and build up a library of comix to post over the coming months, rather than fretting and rushing to stay just ahead of it, and I’m eager to get back to it!

This also marks three full years since the series launched in 2014 – well over 300 pages – which I’m very proud of. That’s more pages than most graphic novels! Of course I’m also indebted to the other artists who helped me get this far: Choklit Daddy, Drubskin, J. Marshall Freeman, Marvin Mann, Rick Worley, Tim Twelves, Tom Bouden, and of course Zlatan Marić! And it’s far from over!

I’ll be honest: I didn’t get as much done this past year as I’d hoped, due to not having the finances to pay guest artists, and frankly some lost productivity due to depression. But I’ve got some good comics lined up and ready to go, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I’m enjoying making them!


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