Punk (and its associated subcultures) kinda have a reputation for being homophobic (and racist, sexist, nationalist ….) and yeah, there are a lot of insecure little men who are drawn to the scene, mistaking anarchy for fascism. But it’s really all about being your own person, doing what you dig, and not being forced to conform to the way other people think you should be, and that’s a downright queer philosophy.

So yeah: there are lot of queer punks.

By the way, this post marks the quarter-anniversary of JAQrabbit Tales. The first story was posted on September 1, and thanks to a very aggressive publishing schedule (including the whole 24-hour stunt), we already have dozens of pages of this bio-porno-graphic novel online.

But it’s not just a hype to say that we’re just getting started! I have dozens more pages ready to go, and I’ll be posting them one- two- three-at-a-time. I have a handful more stories that I’m poking away at drawing, and I’m working with some great artists on even more. Starting shortly I’ll also be posting bonus pin-ups once a month … not tales as such, but sexy pictures that tell their own little stories. So keep coming back and I’ll keep ‘em coming!