Pon Farr

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I asked Tim Twelves to illustrate this one because he’s a Trek geek too. Saves a lot of hassle providing costume reference. :)

There was a time when I loved going to cons like this. The ones around here were all kinda sad, but from time to time I’d get to a real con in Chicago or Detroit. Unfortunately as I’ve “matured” the youthful confidence and enthusiasm that used to override my anxiety has waned, so I haven’t been to any in a while. The closest thing to a con that I’ve been to in recent years was the Queers & Comics conference in New York City a couple months ago. It was a much smaller crowd, much more laid back, and a whole lot of great information and ideas.

Straight porn has never really done much for me. I mean, OK, it works, but it’s mostly so … straight. And fake. Yeah, gay male porn is mostly pretty fake too, but at least it seems like the actors would enjoy watching it themselves, and I don’t get that vibe from the women in straight porn. But watching a straight couple fuck in real life … yeah, I can go for that!