This episode is (tied for) the longest JAQrabbit Tale to date. (The other is “24“, the 24-hour comic I did back in 2014.) The original “rule” I set for myself was that no single Tale would be more than 10 pages long. I wanted them all to be “quickies”, especially since people would typically be reading them a couple or a few pages per week: I didn’t want a story to draw out more than a month. I also wanted to make sure the series got a chance to change gears frequently, so that every few visits to the web site would be something completely different.

Obviously I’ve changed my mind about that, and I’ve had several Tales of a dozen or more pages (e.g. “Great Outdoors” at 20 pages, “Deflowered” at 19.) It’s nice to be able to let a story unfold slowly, maybe with some changes in tone along the way. (I’ve got at least a couple graphic novels in me… we’ll see if I get to them.)

I originally intended to run this story entirely over the summer months, to fit the July setting. Unfortunately production delays meant it was late getting started, then it was delayed in the middle, and now here we are in winter… which fits the setting of the epilogue. A bit of cosmic irony, perhaps.