This is the conclusion of the first extended storyline in the JAQrabbit Tales “saga”. The story was set in December 2010, and would you believe I started adapting it into a comic in … December 2010? Knowing I’d be stuck on a cruise ship for a week, I brought along supplies to do some sketching and taking photos for reference, in prep for when I got around to turning it into a comic. Of course I had no idea at the start what the story would be, but I think both the trip and story turned out well enough eh?

But this isn’t the end of the Tales, and we have another one starting in exactly one week. This will definitely involve shifting gears a bit … but that’s all part of the plan for JAQrabbit Tales. We’ll be turning the clock back to Halloween 1997, a very different part of my life. The story will also involved a change in the art, courtesy of guest artist Rick Worley (something we’ll also be doing a lot of).

NEXT: “Seduction of the Innocent”!