Holiday Weekend

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Unless my math is off, this is the 500th page I’ve posted of JAQrabbit Tales. That’s counting each new page of comix, each story pin-up (not the sketches), and each of the illustrated prose stories as one page.

I haven’t drawn all 500 pages myself, of course. I’ve had help along the way from a bunch of great artists, who’ve not only boosted that page count, but added their unique talents and visions to the project: Rick Worley, Drubskin, Zlatan Marić, Choklit Daddy, Marvin Mann, J. Marshall Freeman, Tim Twelves, Tom Bouden, and John Roberson (with some others up my sleeve yet).

I’m pretty proud of what I’ve accomplished with the project so far. Although I’ve been posting for less than 5.5 years, I began writing and drawing it 10 years ago. There’s a modern motivational parable you may have heard, about someone who’s reluctant to begin a big undertaking in mid-life, but comes to realize that in 10 years they’ll be 10 years older no matter what, but if they start now, they’ll be 10 years older with that accomplishment to go with it. I’m seeing the wisdom of that more fully now.

500 fucking pages! That’s a couple of thick graphic novels. Not bad, eh?

I easily have another 500 pages of material for JAQrabbit Tales, either already in production, scripted, or at least outlined. This Jason fella’s got a lot of story in him, and anyone who’s been following along may have noticed that there are some key plot changes that have gone unexplained… which is intentional. That’s not a promise that I’ll keep at this for another 10 years, but I’m definitely still going!

Next week: more pages!