Hey, we made it to 2021! At least most of us did. :( JAQrabbit Tales is keeping on, and I hope to have lots of great stuff for you in the coming year. I don’t want to say much about what’s in the works, because everything is all pretty tentative, and who knows what’s going to get done when. It’s tough creating art while there’s a plague going around, so I’m trying not to push too hard… on my collaborators or myself. I’m gonna keep doing reposts of earlier Tales in between new stuff, to help keep on schedule without leaving actual gaps.

One of the challenges of this piece was the title logo. Sometimes the title is just a matter of picking an appropriate font, but for some it’s a bit more involved than that. This is based on the Purina Dog/Puppy Chow logos. The word “puppy” was easy enough: I just needed to find a high enough resolution copy of the logo. “Bad” was a little harder. I got the “D” from “Dog Chow”, but I had to build a “B”, which (if you look closely) isn’t just a “P” with another loop added. The “A” I had to make from scratch, based on the design principles shown in the other glyphs. The serif at the top is “backwards”, but that’s because they’re backwards on the “U”.