Before anyone complains that Marv didn’t follow the script properly here: yes he did. He drew exactly what I asked him to draw. The fact that the pictures don’t match what Jay is saying… is intentional. :)  This is a story about telling stories.

When Jay and I started dating, we didn’t consider it “going steady”. I was “between jobs”, but he was super-busy with school and an internship, so we didn’t get to see each other very often. To be honest, at first I considered him just another trick to play with, and frankly I was just happy that he wanted to see me more than once. Meanwhile, he didn’t expect me to sit at home and watch TV just because he was busy. It didn’t even occur to us to be jealous or possessive of the other. So by the time we started to think of each other seriously (let along living together, like when this tale takes place) we already had an expectation of openness – in both senses of the word: we could fool around with other people, and we could tell each other about it.

(Technically the character of Jason doesn’t appear in this sub-tale. Which is also kinda the point of the sub-tale. :) But there’s still a bit of voice-over, so I still have “Jason” listed as one of the characters.)