This is the first Tale to be posted that features art by someone other than me. I decided early on in the development of this project that I’d have to collaborate with other artists on it. Not only was the scope of it too big for me to draw it all myself (before the story was over, if you catch my drift), but I really wasn’t going to be the best artist for many of the episodes.

I was already familiar with Rick Worley’s comix, but we “met” on the message board for (you will not find a more wretched hive of fanboys and zombies). It was in a discussion about the perennial question of just how gay Batman and Robin are, and Rick expressed the opinion that “Dick is like the third sexiest Robin.” I countered that he had never seen me in my Dick Grayson costume. Rick responded, “Yellow cape, green underwear, and domino mask? I have to admit, I saw a really cute guy wearing that at a convention once, and I kind of wanted to do filthy things to him.” I knew immediately that Rick was the perfect artist to illustrate this particular story. It turned out to be an easy pitch. So to speak.

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