This story first appeared in an anthology from Northwest Press called Anything That Loves. That title was inspired by the same source as Scout’s shirt, which is the logo from the old bisexual magazine Anything That Moves. Getting included in that book was a pretty big deal for me, because I was pretty much nobody, just some guy with a few comics and a bunch of illustrations on the web. I pretty much invited myself to contribute to it, offering Zan Christensen this script (which I’d already written for this series). Then when he said OK, I had to quickly draw it.

The music playing in this scene (in case you weren’t hanging out at the right dance clubs during the right era to recognize it) is by Daft Punk. I’m not gonna insult your intelligence by telling you the name of the track.

A special prize (bragging rights, mostly) to anyone who can identify where I got the font for the title of this story. Because I really do overthink things like that.

I do have more to say about this story but … spoilers. Talk to you next week.