Kinda cut Jay off there, eh?

Probably shouldn’t have.

This marks the end of “Great Outdoors”, the longest JAQrabbit Tale I’ve told so far (unless you count the 24-page 24-hour comic I did a couple years ago, which was a bit… rough). It’s one of the “landmark” tales in the series, the kind of episode that a TV series would save for a season finale or something, and that’s why I scheduled it to close out the second year of this series.

It’s a landmark because – other than the epilog that takes place several years later – it’s the last Tale that Jay appears in, chronologically. He’ll still show up in newly-published Tales down the line, but not in any that take place after this one. You’ll have to connect the dots yourself… the loss of Jay is one story I won’t be telling here.

As I alluded to, this post marks two years since JAQrabbit Tales launched, on Labor Day in 2014. In that time I’ve posted almost 300 pages of comix and pin-ups. It’s been a tremendous amount of work so far, and I have to thank the other artists who’ve helped me get here (alphabetically): Choklit Daddy, Drubskin, J. Marshall Freeman, Marvin Mann, Rick Worley, Tim Twelves, Tom Bouden, and Zlatan Marić.

The series is far from over, and I’m looking forward to telling many more Tales. Next week I’ll be launching a temporary format change for the series, which I hope will be a fun change of pace. To the handful of you who’ve been here from the beginning, thanks for sticking with it, and to those who’ve joined us since then, I hope you’ll stick around for the Tales to come!