One of the benefits of being bisexual guy in a relationship with a bisexual chick, is that one can have that many more shared interests… such as Daddy/Son porn. :)

The book that Scout and Jason are reading together in this picture is Back Alley Graffiti by “Julius” originally published by the folks who put out Handjobs magazine. This book – and the others in the series – were a big inspiration behind me making queer porn comix … and the kind of queer porn comix that I make. They weren’t just homo-sexy, they were transgressive, featuring not just muscular daddies (inspired no doubt by Tom of Finland) but also twinky boys, often in situations that could not possibly be legal, which couldn’t be told in any other visual medium. But they could be drawn. If not for that realization, I never would’ve thought to write (for example) “Payback“.

By the way, yes: there is a story behind the so-very-short hair in this scene. And yes: I’ll be telling it later. :)