This is one of the “early” JAQrabbit Tales, in a couple senses of the word.

It isn’t the first Tale that I wrote and drew (that clumsy artifact is scheduled to come up in a few months), but it does date back a couple years, to when I was still lettering in Illustrator (because Manga Studio’s lettering tools were still unusable). Prepping these pages to upload required going back to some old software I haven’t used in a while. It also involved cringing a bit at some of the awkwardness of the art, but I didn’t tinker with it to fix things … much.

As the “July 1993″ date indicates, it’s also set when Jason was younger so much younger than today. In the days when “mail order” referred not only to how your package might be delivered, but also how you sent it in, with a check. OK, there was often the option for calling an order in with a toll-free number and a credit card, but a) he didn’t have one of those, and b) he wasn’t about to call someone to order a vibrator.