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Confession time: This is a Tale that I’ve been nervous about posting.

Which is ironic, because this is the one that’s already been seen by the most people, in the Northwest Press anthology Anything That Loves. But that was a different audience, one that picked up the book knowing that they were going to see comics depicting a whole range of queerity, with an emphasis on the last two letters of LGBT. I’ve been worried that, after five months of Tales about guys having sex with guys, a Tale with just a guy and girl … might not go over very well.

But it’s just another part of the larger story, which involves older guys, younger guys, and more than one girl. If that sort of thing doesn’t turn you on – or even if you find it kinda icky – you don’t have to read it. That’s one of the things about this series: if you don’t like this Tale, the next one will probably be different. :)

The title Anything That Loves was inspired by the same source as Scout’s shirt, which is the logo from the old bisexual magazine Anything That Moves. Getting included in that book was a pretty big deal for me, because I was pretty much nobody, just some guy with a few comics and a bunch of illustrations on the web. I pretty much invited myself to contribute to it, offering Zan Christensen this script (which I’d already written for this series). Then when he said OK, I had to quickly draw it.

A special prize (bragging rights, mostly) to anyone who can identify where I got the font for the title of this story. Because I really do overthink things like that.