Thanks for reading this, the first in what will be a long series of “JAQrabbit Tales”.

I’ve posted all six pages of this tale at once, to help give you an idea of what to expect from the Tales. Most of the time I’ll be serializing them a couple pages at a time, posted every Monday.

They won’t all be quite the same as this, though. Hardly any will involve superhero costumes. They won’t all feature Jay (for reasons that will become apparent as the series progresses). The art style will vary … I like to experiment, and to bring in other artists. The length will vary … next week’s tale is 1 page, the one after that will be 13 pages. Some will include more sex … some will include less. Different ages … because time passes. Different body types … because variety is spice. The tone of the tales will vary … because life.

In case you’re (understandably) wondering whether this “webcomic” will last, or if it’ll sputter out and die after a few months: this has literally been in the works for years. I already have enough stories finished and ready to post weekly to last a whole year. Plus the ones that are being illustrated as I type this. And the ones I’m currently talking to artists about. And aching to get started drawing myself. This thing’s for real, yo.

It’s possible that you may have seen some of this particular tale before. A couple pages of it were included in an art exhibit last year at Mission Comics & Art in San Francisco. The show was called “Batman on Robin”, and it featured homoerotic art of the Dynamic Duo. Pages drawn by Rick Worley for an upcoming tale (alluded to in the dialog of this story) were also in the show.

Again: thanks for reading. Please comment. Please share it with other people you think will like it. That’s what it’s all about. And come back next week.

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