art by Zlatan Marić

I love a fun sex story. But this … isn’t one of those. Sure, there’s sex, and there’s some fun … but not all around.

When I first conceived JAQrabbit Tales, my initial thought that it would be a “sex-positive” celebration of queerness, telling tales based on my … wait: If this was going to draw from my own life experience, there’s no way it could be up-beat all the time. Because my life sure as fuck hasn’t been.

I’m not going to go into the back-story behind this episode. Not here and now. That’s what the series as a whole is for, providing bits and pieces of the puzzle, which the reader is welcome to piece together if he wishes. Don’t get me wrong. Anonymous sex in the park can be a wonderful thing, and I am totally serious in saying that. But you can’t always go home again, eh?

Once upon a time I wrote a disclaimer to go on this series: “Some episodes may deal with disturbing subject matter, so I can’t guarantee that you’ll find them sexy. On the other hand, I can’t guarantee that you won’t.” This may be one of those episodes. And whether you found it hot, or sad, or both … that’s totally OK.