Wet Willy

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I met a guy in college who felt horribly guilty about being gay. In addition to the usual the-Bible-says-so bullshit, he thought it was wrong of him to enjoy the showers and locker room at school. After all, straight boys weren’t allowed in the girls’ showers, and straight girls weren’t allowed in the boys’. The fact that he got to see other naked boys like that… seemed WRONG to him.

I told him that it was God’s way of compensating him for all the shit he had to endure because he was gay. The teasing. The loneliness. The fact that, even though he got to look, he wasn’t allowed to touch.

I don’t actually believe that God, or the universe, or whatever actually has a score sheet like that. But I do believe that no one should feel guilty about appreciating the sights they see along the way in this crazy thing we call “life”.