This story borrows the mezzo-fumetti technique I used for “Cabin in the Woods“, adding figures to photos I’d recently taken of the scene of the crime. Zee’s art is a bit different from mine, but I think his more cartoony style works pretty well here.  The key advantage of this method is that it allows for a more rich background environment, which is why I used it for “Cabin”. It also occurs to me that this is something of a companion piece for that story, dealing with … moving on.

This really is one my favorite spots, and not just for getting my freak on. Folks who follow me on Facebook may recognize it as a spot I’ve posted photos from. It’s a lake a few miles from where I live. It isn’t exactly in my neighborhood – the houses around it have two or three more digits in their prices than the ones on Baxter Street – but it has some nice stretches of public park, some undeveloped swamp shoreline, and a pedestrian path around it that all appeal to me, so I’ve always thought of it as “my lake”. It will feature in at least a couple of other planned Tales, one set in the middle of winter, the other in the middle of summer.