I don’t like to get political here, but sometimes you have to.

A few days ago, the Minnesota Supreme Court fucked up a decision about the state’s sexual assault law. In short: a woman was raped, but she was “voluntarily intoxicated” when she was raped, so… it supposedly wasn’t rape. That’s fucking bull shit.

At the risk of stating the obvious: people who have been drinking don’t make decisions as well as people who haven’t. Someone who has sat down, had a drink, then decided to have another drink, then another, then another… at that point they are no longer “deciding” to drink. They are no longer deciding anything. They are drunk, and all you probably have to do to keep them drinking is put another drink in front of them. Until they’re drunk enough for you to rape them. That is not at all how consent works.

I hate to bring this up here, because it’s a buzzkill. JAQrabbit Tales is (most of the time) a no-judgment sexytime fun zone, where even “problematic” sexuality is understood and accepted. Kinks. Fetishes. Fantasies about things that – in the harsh light of day – we know aren’t right. A scene where Jason has a few drinks, has a few more drinks, and does things he might not otherwise do… it can be kinda hot. I get it.

But this week’s Tale… isn’t going there. I’m not gonna tell you what happens after this scene. You can speculate or imagine or whatever. But if anything happens… it ain’t consensual, and those shitheads on the Minnesota Supreme Court should be ashamed of themselves for saying otherwise.

(Next week… something problematic as fuck.)