So the tables are turned, and turned again.

I was seriously torn about ending this Tale here, at this point. If this was a generic porn video, this would just be the setup for Scene 2, and everyone except Batman would come back tomorrow for another shoot. I know what happens next, and truth be told, Scene 2 woulda been pretty hot. And I could rewrite the plot for a Scene 3 in which the Dark Knight Returns, and I’m sure you can imagine how that would go. :)

But no. This story ends here, because this story is about the scene between cocky 22-year-old Jason playing at being Robin, and an anonymous Batman cosplayer who takes himself and his roleplaying a bit too seriously.

And before you ask me to continue this tale where it left off, please re-read the comic carefully, and the commentary on the previous pages (especially part 3). I’m in charge here, and there’s nothing anyone can say or pay me that will change that, OK? (I’m a little rusty at this “power bottom” business.)

NEXT: A 24-Hour Comic! Next week’s JAQrabbit Tale isn’t finished yet. In fact, it hasn’t even been started. There’s an open challenge issued to cartoonists (particularly those who moan about how long it takes them to finish a story) that dares them to produce a complete 24-page comic in the space of 24 hours. I am taking up that challenge. This coming Saturday, I will sit down and start work on a 24-page Tale. Rather than waiting until Sunday night to post it, I’ll be posting each page as I finish it, so if you come back here on Saturday, you’ll be able to follow my progress, hour by hour.