Making comix is like sex.

You can do it by yourself, and that can be fantastic. You can do it in groups, and that can turn out to be an orgy or … a clusterfuck. And of course you can do it with one other person. And the dynamics can be surprisingly the same.

By inviting another person to do it with you, you’re giving them a degree of control. And it’s not always clear how that’s going to play out. Many people talk about “tops” and “bottoms” in sex, which was originally just a description of physical position, but morphed into an implication of who was in control, and that required the invention of terms like “power bottom” to clarify …. and it’s really even more complicated than that.

As the writer, I would seem to be “in charge”, especially since the art would come back to me to color and add the dialog. Hell, I was even paying Rick, which would make me the john and him the hustler. Ah, but the word “hustler” tells us that that’s not a simple employer/employee relationship. A hustler is a freelancer; he works for himself on his own terms. And believe me: a hustler does not simply follow orders. By giving Rick a script to draw – especially this script – I was giving a whole lot of control to him.

So that’s what this story is about here, presenting that who’s-in-control-here dynamic literally on the page. But any time you read any comic with both a writer and an artist, some of that same sexual subtext went into making it. :)

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