Recurring Dream


A year ago, I took a hiatus from posting new comix to the site, to give me time to work ahead and get enough of them done to keep up a regular weekly schedule. In the meantime I’ve been posting character sketches, story pin-ups, and the illustrated Travel Tales… and I hope regular readers have enjoyed them. People kept coming back, at least.

But now we return to the format that JAQrabbit Tales was always intended to be: COMIX!

For the next several weeks, I’ll be posting one-pagers like this one: a new quick story every Sunday night at midnight. After that, we’ll have a long story that’ll be posted a few pages a week (more like usual), for a month or so. And from there, we resume the usual controlled chaos! I’ve been hard at work (so to speak) for the past year, and I have a whole bunch of stories lined up… some funny, some sexy, some serious, some harder to categorize.

I chose this story to “relaunch” the series – now beginning its fourth year – because I couldn’t decide whether to do a young-Jason story, or an old-Jason story. So I decided to do both. :)

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