I asked Tim Twelves to illustrate this one because he’s a Trek geek too. Saves a lot of hassle providing costume reference. :)

It’s great to have a friend who’ll stick with you no matter what … or who’ll leave you alone, as the case may be.

There was a time when I loved going to cons like this. The ones around here were all pretty sad, but from time to time I’d get to a real con in Chicago or Detroit. Unfortunately as I’ve “matured” the youthful confidence and enthusiasm that used to override my anxiety has waned, so I haven’t been to any in a while. The closest thing to a con that I’ve been to in recent years was the Queers & Comics conference in New York City a couple months ago. It was a much smaller crowd, much more laid back, and a whole lot of great information and ideas.

But the great thing about cons is all the different kinds of people you can meet, strangers that you probably already have something in common with.

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