Shortly after I started working on this series, and decided to go beyond simple anecdotes into a kind of biographical something-or-other, I took pains to put everyone in it thru my own version of the FBI’s witness protection program. I’d already hacked my name sufficiently to prevent someone who knows me In Real Life finding my comics work thru casual search-engine and social-networking surfing, because you can’t live where I do and keep a day job while openly publishing religious satire and queer porn on the side. So I extended that everyone who appears in the Tales.

I didn’t really like anonymizing and pseudonymizing and fictionalizing like that … but it’s what makes the whole thing possible. And it gives me the added freedom of being able to go farther with it, take bigger risks, and do wilder things than if I had to worry about it getting back to my family, neighbors, casual friends, or co-workers.

LATER THIS WEEK: a pin-up titled “Quickie on the Rapid”!

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