To some gay guys, having sex with a straight guy is a serious thing.

I think I get it. It’s a challenge: if you can get into a straight guy’s undies, that must mean you’re either super-persuasive, or you’re so hot that even straight guys find you sexy. It can be fun to be the experienced one, introducing your partner to something they’ve never dared try before.  You get to be his memorable first (and maybe only) man, and you can do that without having to troll gay youth groups looking for actual virgins.

There are also some gay guys who are only into straight guys, which smells to me of self-loathing. It’s as if they think other gay guys aren’t “real men” enough. I don’t have much respect for those guys either.

As a bisexual, I don’t see it as quite so much of a big deal. I mean, anybody who thinks there’s something special about my dick because it’s gone where theirs never has … doesn’t know dick.

More on this topic next week.