“We interrupt our ongoing Tale for this important notice.”

For the past 5 years, I’ve posted a JAQrabbit Tales update (almost) every Monday. When I started, I had a big inventory of finished Tales, enough to give me plenty of room to give each new one the time it needed to get finished. For various reasons, that inventory has dwindled.

One thing I wanted to avoid was being constantly under deadline, always working on the very next page to go up, ready or not. Unfortunately, that’s where I am now, and it’s led to a vicious cycle of anxiety/depression that I’m not getting the pages done, which makes it harder to get them done.

I need to do something. Rather than putting JAQrabbit Tales on hiatus, and hoping that you all check back later, I’m going to do what TV networks do: I’m going to switch temporarily to reruns. (Yeah, in the middle of a story. Think of it as a really clumsy end-of-season cliffhanger.)

I’ll keep up the weekly posts, but instead of one more page in the latest story (like I’ve been rushing out), each week you’ll be getting a complete story from the early months of the series. For new readers, they might be new-to-you stories. I hope you enjoy them either way.

Meanwhile, I’m going to finish up drawing “Grand Prize”. When it’s ready, I’ll post it in more satisfying “chunks”, while working ahead on the story to follow, and trying to line up artists to help me get more Tales done more quickly.

In the meantime, please enjoy this re-presentation of “BDSM 101″, which will be followed next week by “Cruising the Love Boat”, followed by several classic Tales!