This is the seminal JAQrabbit Tale.

It’s the first story that I wrote with this series in mind, and it kinda sets the template for the series as a whole. It’s based on a true story… in fact, it’s based on two true stories, which I combined into one. That’s the kind of fudging of the facts for dramatic purposes – and to protect the anonymity and privacy of the subjects – that (just between you and me) … I do. :) I figured that, if I could make a comic about this sexual incident, which could capture and portray myself as a character at this point in my life, I could do that for a whole biography. I am nothing if not creatively ambitious.

This was also the first story that I drew entirely digitally, from scratch, using Manga Studio on a Windows Tablet computer (in this case, a 10″ HP/Compaq TC1000). And I’m sure it shows. I drew it shortly after the second incident, so that was over five years ago now. Yeah, I’ve been working on JAQrabbit Tales that fucking long! I colored it more recently (2-3 years ago), and I admit that I fixed some of the more embarrassing drawing “problems” while I was at it. But mostly this is authentic 2009-era Quest illustration.

We’re rapidly coming up on the first anniversary of the series being published, which has me pretty excited, and I figured now would be a good time to get this, the story that started it all, out into the world!