Depending on how “tuned in” you are, this might take a little explaining. :)

The seated gentleman is Bernie Sanders, a progressive candidate for president of the United States. He didn’t get the Democratic Party’s nomination, but gave his support to the guy who did, and that guy went on to beat the racist shit-stain whose name I won’t speak. If you want to know why Bernie is sitting there like that, Google “Bernie mittens meme”.

The tree behind us is one that I’ve visited every day for the past several months. After a couple months of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the YMCA closed along with pretty much every other place I might leave the house to visit, I came to the realization that I needed to go for walks, to preserve my mental and physical health. So I assigned myself to walk to a nearby park every day, and to take a photo of this tree, as proof to myself (and to anyone following on Facebook) that I did it.

I don’t get especially topical, and only tangentially political with JAQrabbit Tales, but in this case, I made an exception, because 1) it’s a fun meme to participate in, and 2) oh my fucking gods, I am relieved that Joe Biden defeated the shit-stain! Now, Joe wasn’t my first choice for president, and he wasn’t my second choice, or third choice. But once it became clear that he was going to be the Democratic nominee, I got behind him 100%, and I am still behind him. I’m sure he’ll disappoint me at some point. It’s even likely that he’ll do something I really disagree with. He’s not the best. But he’s about as good a person as you’re going to find in the Oval Office (since Jimmy Carter left), and he and the Democratic Party are currently all that stands between us and an incredibly ugly faction of white supremacist, xenophobic, toxic creeps. Those are the options, and I’m on the side with Joe Biden… and Bernie.