One of the fun challenges of this series is matching artists to stories. When I got to know Drub‘s work (by way of “The Welcome Back Fuck“, his collaboration with Dale Lazarov), I’d already written this script, and I knew that he’d be perfect for it.  Not just because he’s got the right style for it, but he’s got the right attitude and background for it. He’d understand gobbing as foreplay. He knows the sweaty homoeroticism of the mosh pit, and probably had to go thru a whole series of shirtless mohawked punks in his head to choose which one to model this one after. I even went thru the script and removed a bunch of information I’d included … Drub clearly wouldn’t need me to explain what a Black Flag t-shirt was, or describe Punk’s boots, or paint a mental picture of the setting.

I also knew that he had the storytelling chops to draw a Tale with no dialog, as he’d done for “TWBF”. That’s one of Dale’s signature stylistic choices, and it’s hard to pull off (so to speak). But for some stories, it’s just natural, and for this one it had seemed an obvious approach.

So this wraps up the first Tale illustrated by Drub. Yes, I’ve just been talking with him about doing another, so keep an eye on this space if you like what you’ve been seeing the last couple weeks.

NEXT: I’m starting a new feature in the series this week. In addition to the every-Sunday-night story updates, there will be one-page pin-ups posted on any Thursday nights between Tales. That won’t be every week, but the Tales queued up for the next few months are all going to be quickies that finish in two weeks, so that means pin-ups every other Thursday night for a while.  So … up next: “Sugar Daddy” by Choklit Daddy (April 1996)!  Followed on Sunday night by “Vibe” (July 1993)!