This is the first tale that I’m serializing here. I’m not a big fan of breaking short stories into shorter pieces, but it has practical benefits. You can always hold off and wait for a story to finish, then read it all at once. Rather than posting only 1 page at a time, I’ll usually be doing 2, sometimes 3, to make for more satisfying “chunks” of storytelling.

This tale is the longest I’ve written so far: 13 pages. It was a long cruise. :) Posting 1 page per week would’ve taken three whole months, which is way too long, so we’ll get it done in 5 weeks, OK?

This is the first appearance of Vincent, who will factor into the Tales at various points along the way. You’ll learn a little more about him in a few pages, and the back-story between him and Jason will develop as the series progresses. Kind of like the TV series Lost, but without me making up a bunch of shit as I go along, and not knowing how the story ends. Well, OK, I don’t know how this story ends, but that’s a different thing in this case.

The title of this story is an obvious play on words, and I don’t apologize for that. In fact: get used to it. The “logo” for it is a combo of the logotype for the 1980 Al Pacino film (which featured a rather unflattering but ground-breaking depiction of gay BDSM culture) and the contemporary rom-com TV series (which popularized the cruise-ship industry in North America).

NEXT: Jason makes a new friend …