In a sense this Tale relates the conception of the Baxter Street Home for Wayward Boys, the nickname used for Jason’s little household. Although it began with a single Wayward Boy, it grew to include another long-term housemate (Tyler) and a few short-term residents.

The BSHFWB will show up in future JAQrabbit Tales, and I daydream from time to time about doing a spin-off series that explores the household here on Baxter Street, and the lives of the Wayward Boys. But I barely have time to manage the day-job and the Tale, so don’t hold your breath.

You can count on seeing more work from Zlatan, which grows from here by leaps and bounds.  We have a pin-up by Zee slated to follow the next Tale, then another five-page story illustrated by him tentatively scheduled for the end of February.

One thing that I’m sure some of you will notice is that there’s no sex – or even explicit nudity – in this story. That’s right. There isn’t. That’s gonna happen sometimes. Even though the series as a whole is definitely “adults only”, not every tale will be. That’s because this isn’t just porn … I’m trying to tell a story here, one that’s about more than just sex.  Rest assured that the pin-up on Thursday night will feature Cock, and the story that begins a week from now will include not just one but two Money Shots, and some sexual scandal.

NEXT: “Ball Player” another pin-up by Choklit Daddy.

AFTER THAT: The beginning of “Party Boy”, a story set in 1996, illustrated by me.