Illustrated by Choklit Daddy!

Note: “bum” is also British-English for “butt”. :)

One of the most jaw-dropping discoveries I made as a young queer was the existence of a gay beach, less than 50 miles from my house. Just minutes from the puritanical Calvinist farming communities of West Michigan (and not very far from its puritanical Calvinist suburbs) are the conjoined villages of Saugatuck and Douglas. The former has a thriving art district that draws art fags from Chicago, and the latter has The Dunes (a gay resort) and the dunes (a private beach).  Adjacent to the public park of Oval Beach on Lake Michigan (once featured on MTV as the best beach in America), Oral Beach is not strictly-speaking a nude beach, but if one ventures away from the shoreline and the prying eyes of passing boaters into the dunes …..

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