I hate “content advisories”. For one thing, they’re often spoilers. And they’re like a red flag alerting censors that here’s something for them to stomp on. But I can see there’s sometimes a point to them.

This JAQrabbit Tale is dark. If you’ve been clicking along, enjoying the humor or romance… this isn’t one of those stories. Part of the purpose of this series is to explore all sides of sex and relationships, and sometimes that means going places a person shouldn’t go.

So I can’t promise that you’ll enjoy this Tale. I also can’t promise that you won’t.

I try to write on more than one level, and I especially like titles with more than one meaning. In this case, “a little horse” refers both to the contents of the joint, and to Shawn. Jason gets fucked by both.

To tell this story right, I wanted the art style to match what’s going on in the story. Which is something of a challenge, because I’m a pretty careful and controlled artist by nature. So to get in the right frame of mind to draw this part, I got blitzed. Just whiskey and pot, but yeah… I was pretty messed up. For some of these pages, I don’t even remember drawing the first draft. These are the sacrifices I make for my audience. :/

And now for something completely different: next is a fun little done-in-one-week tale of shenanigans and hijinx in college, called “Pizza Boy”!